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Sundays & Mondays

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 A small craft bakery located in Toronto's east end, specializing in authentic handmade European style breads.


Using traditional methods we maintain the principles of artisan baking - gentle mixing & long cool fermentation. Our work is humble & done manually, only minimal equipment is required: a mixer, a wooden table, & a hot oven.

Our breads are made with untreated stoneground flours & sprouted whole grains using time honoured techniques of stretching, folding & shaping the wet doughs, transforming them into loaves that slowly ferment overnight in folds of canvas & linen.

Early each morning the breads are slashed with a razor & baked on the stone hearth of our oven.

The results are worth the wait - a crisp carmelized crust & moist shiny crumb, exploding with flavour.

Delicious wholesome bread, a noble food, made to be shared with the people you love.

We invite you to visit & taste.